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The Message of Imam Khamna’ee,the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolutionfor the respected Haj Pilgrims

The Message of Imam Khamna’ee,the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolutionfor the respected Haj Pilgrims

The Message of Imam Khamna’ee,
the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution
for the respected Haj Pilgrims

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

All praise belongs to Allah Almighty, the Lord of the Worlds and Blessings and Salutations on Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and His Immaculate Ahlul Bayt (A.S.)

Praise and salutations with eagerness and due respect on all of you, the fortunate ones who have answered to the call of the Holy Qur’an and have hastened to be the guest of the House of Allah. Foremost saying is to pay respect to this great divine blessing and by interacting on the individual and social, spiritual and international dimensions of this unique obligation, we should struggle to get nearer to its goal and beseech help from its Host who is most kind and the most powerful. I, in concordant and agreeing with you request Allah, the forgiver of sins and the most beneficent to complete His divine blessings on you and while He provided you the grace to perform the Haj pilgrimage should also provide you the grace to perform the perfect Haj and then generously accepting it and returning you all with full hands safely to your homes, InshaAllah.

In the opportunity provided for performing Haj rites which are matchless and full of wisdom, we can get the spiritual and contemplative purification and building of the spirit which is considered as the greatest achievement of Haj, but giving due consideration to the issues of the world of Islam and having grand and encompassing view regarding its most important issues with the highest priority are the prime responsibilities and manners of the Haj pilgrims.

Today the most important issues with highest priority are the issue of unity among the Muslims and resolving their problems which is creating the differences and separation in the segments of the Islamic Ummah.

Haj is the manifestation of unity and consolidation and center of brotherhood and supporting each other. During the Haj everybody should learn the lesson to get united on the common aspects and resolving the differences. The filthy hands of imperialist policies had in their agenda from the past to create differences among us in order to secure their sinister goals. But today with the blessing of the Islamic awakening, the Muslim nations , have correctly understood enmity of the imperialist and Zionist front and have taken a stance against them, but their policy of creating divisions among the Muslims have now been intensified. The shrewd and deceitful enemy is bent upon inflaming the fire of internal wars among the Muslims, deviating the motives of resistance and struggle among them so that the Zionist regime and the agents of imperialism who are the real enemies of Muslims should be in the realm of peace. Putting into force the terrorist Takfiri (who falsely label Muslims as infidels) groups and like them in the countries of the West Asian region is the result of their treacherous policy.

This is a warning to all of us and today we should consider the issue of unity among the Muslims as our prime national and international duty.

The other important subject is the issue of Palestine. With the passing away of 65 years since the inception of occupying Zionist regime many ups and downs were witnessed in this important and sensitive issue and in particular during the bloody events of the previous years, which have clearly manifested two realities to all of us. First, the Zionist regime and her criminal supporters have no limits in cruelty and savagery in trampling all the human and ethical standards. Crime, genocide, destruction, massacring the shelterless children and women, and they consider their every act of wrongdoing and cruelty as permissible and even they feel proud of them. Heart rending scenes from recently concluded 50 days war on Gaza is their recent example of their historical criminality which have been repeated many times by them during the last fifty years.

The second reality is that inspite of these cruelties and creating the catastrophes could not fulfill the goals of the masters and supporters of the occupying Zionist regime. In contrast to the stupid hopes of authority and stability for the Zionist regime the evil political players were building in their heads, but this regime day by day is getting more closer to its destruction and elimination. The resistance of 50 days in Gaza which is besieged and shelterless against all the might which was brought to the warfronts by the Zionist regime, but finally it resulted in the defeat and retreat of this regime and surrendering before all the conditions put forward by resistance forces in Gaza and it has openly exhibited the obvious impotence, feebleness and weakness of the Zionist regime.

It means that the Palestinian nation should be hopeful than before, the combatants of Islamic Jihad and Hamas should intensify their efforts, determination and aspiration, the West Bank should follow up their path of pride with power and consolidation more than the past, the Muslim nations should demand from their respective governments to really and seriously support the Palestinians and the Muslim governments truthfully should take steps in this regard.

The third important subject which have great priority is that the sympathetic activists of the Islamic world should have intelligent outlook, they should clearly differentiate between the true Islam of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and the American Islam and they should not be confused and mistaken to know the differences between these two and they should also warn others in this regard. For the first time our departed leader Imam Khomeini (R.A.) made efforts to define the differences present in these two topics which was also included in the political dictionary of the world of Islam. The true Islam, is the Islam based on serenity, spirituality, virtuousness, rule by the will of the people, enmity with infidels and love and compassion with the Muslims. But on the other hand, the American Islam is only to give Islamic covering to be the servants of the aliens for doing enmity with the Islamic Ummah. The Islam which creates the flames of differences among the Muslims, instead of having confidence in the divine promises have confidence in the enemies of Allah, instead of fighting Zionism and imperialism only fight with the Muslim brothers, gets united with the arrogant USA against their own nation or other nations. Thus, this type of Islam is not Islam but it is dangerous and deadly form of hypocrisy which every truthful Muslim should combat it.

These realities and important issues of the Islamic world is ascertained for every seeker of the truth who have outlook with insight and profound thinking which also fixes responsibilities and duties for them without an iota of doubt.

Haj and its rites and observances provides a very good opportunity to attain this insight and I hope that all the fortunate ones who are performing the Haj will perfectly achieve the divine blessings.

I entrust you all to Almighty Allah and beg Him to accept your endeavors.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of you.

Syed Ali Khamna’ee
5 Zilhaj 1435 Hijrah/ 29 September 2014

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